Platypus Jar Tester

4G Platypus Jar Testers

World Class Product:
  • modern technology, materials, safety, functionality and presentation
  • relevant European, US and Australian Standards and Marks

Essential bench scale tools for operations staff, engineers and managers

Emulate full scale plant coagulation and flocculation – confidently optimize physical and chemical treatment including:

  • coagulant and polymer dosages
  • alkalinity requirements
  • settlement rates
  • reaction kinetics
  • mixing energy requirements for coagulation and flocculation
  • metals residuals
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Platypus Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF)Test Accessories

Platypus DAF Test Accessories provide pilot-scale hardware to assess and identify best practice DAF treatment: - facilitates:

  • evaluation of DAF process suitability and appropriate design parameters for new plant
  • optimization of operational DAF plant subnatant quality outcomes
  • conjunctive compatibility with Platypus and other make Jar Testers (dimensions permitting)
  • a means to assess ‘float’ cohesion and stability
  • a means to assess best saturated water ‘recycle’ rates
  • a means to assess best Saturator operating pressures
  • a tool for plant operation, cost management and QA procedures
  • capacity sufficient for four concurrent flotation jar tests

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